Geeta Session

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

3350 N. German Church Road

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What is Geeta Session at HTCI?



CONGRATULATIONS on successfully celebrating all the festivals.

I will be stepping down after this month as the GS coordinator.  I appreciate the unconditional support from all the attendees/sponsors in making this program run successfully year after year. I would like to personally recognize each one of you to help me run this program for past couple of years. I do feel blessed for getting this opportunity to do seva at our temple. 

Sunday, December 10,2023  


We will get an opportunity to participate in Radha Krishna abhishek in DECEMBER . 

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•    Selected shlokas from Chapter 17 of Bhagwat Geeta will be recited by 




Dr.Chandra Reddy is a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist. After establishing and practicing for 25 years at Hope Cancer Research and the clinical center at Terre Haute, Indiana, he has retired from active oncology professional practice. 

After retirement, pursued his interest in Veda and Vedic literature, and since then, has done a 3-year master's program in Ayurveda and a Consciousness Advisor certification course at Maharishi International University. He is now entirely investing his time in studying Sanathana Dharma and other religious scriptures, spreading the values of Sanathana Dharma, and fundamental principles of Ayurveda through his talks. He actively participates in spiritual discussions through universities, Gita mandals at temples, community Satsangs, ashrams, and other religious places in the USA and India. He loves reading, writing articles and poetry. He is also the author of the book "TRISAKTAM" (An Essence of Bhagavad Gita) and looking forward to publishing two more books soon. 

He lives in Terre Haute, Indiana, with his lovely wife, Padma, and loves spending time with his two daughters, a son, and their family members, especially with 6 grandchildren. 


In the context of Sanathana Dharma and Yogic philosophy, "SARANAGATI" refers to the total surrender to or taking refuge in the higher Self (God) to attain peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life on both material and spiritual planes. Saranagati is a must-step in achieving the ultimate goal of human life called Moksha (Liberation from Samsara).

The speaker will discuss the triple-step process, Sadhana, Shraddha, and Saranagati, in achieving that human goal by giving references to the shlokas in the Bhagavad Gita, Mahavakyas in Upanishads, and stories from the Puranas in a simple and easy to understand words and language. In Bhakti (Devotional) traditions, Saranagati is the process that is the basis of the highest devotion to one's Ishta Devata, be it Krishna, Rama, Venkateshwara, Shiva, Saraswati or Durga Devi, etc.. and the Speaker will discuss six essential steps and paths embedded in Saranagati for easy practice.

Note: You may access Pictures and Videos from past Geeta Sessions here: Gallery

Please note

We have updated Covid guidelines based upon the status of cases around Indiana. Temple Covid Preparedness team has provided these guidelines to ensure safety of all our devotees and volunteers. Masks are optional and recommended.

If you plan to join us remotely, the live feed of session will be available on our Facebook page.