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Sunday,  February 12,2023  


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•    Selected shlokas from Chapter 7 of Bhagwat Geeta will be recited by Dr. Debomoy Lahiri   

SPEAKER: Dr. Calyam Prabhakar  

Dr.C.L Prabhakar was born in Tadipatri, a temple town in Andhra Pradesh. He has a science degree and post graduate in Sanskrit from Karnatak University, Dharwar and a PhD in Vedic studies (Shukla Yajurved). He was previously accorded the honor of Vedavridhi by Dharma Paripalana Sabha, Bangalore. He retired as a Professor of Sankskrit in 2000. kHe is a visiting Professor of the Hindu University of America, Orlando USA. He has been the chief editor of the Annual Souvenirs of NCAK by name VedaGanga and editor of the monthly bulletin of NVAK by name BedaNadaSarit.  



C.L. Prabhakar

There are many scriptures in our Indian literature aiming at guiding mankind for successful and

fruitful life. By nature, Man is weak in number of aspects and gets gripped by fear and

cowardice. It is so due to the presence of indriyas which have their own ruling. Mind and

intelligence (buddhi) are the two tools to make him or mar the course of life on this Earth. In

this spree, Bhagavad-Gita is a remarkable work preaching Action, and action only while the

result would be divine support and sanction.

Bhagavad-Gita is known as the song divine. Song is for solace and comfort. It is the helpful

message and teaching right from the mouth of Bhagavan Krishna who is the sampurnaavatar of

Lord Vishnu. He infuses confidence and encouragement. He sets right the dropping mind with

distress and diffidence. He assures too that he is there holding responsibility althrough. Any

person need only to act which is the dharma and the commitment to honor Dharma. Jati,nature

and dharma are complimentary.

2 As we all know Arjuna is a seasoned warrior who won several battles and got the title as Kiriti

from Sri Krishna at the occasion of Rajasuya yajna. He is fit person but suddenly became

overpowered by Krupa, compassion over his own kith and kin on either side when he saw the

arrays of Army. He broke down into fear and dismay. This situation is common to all in a sense

at right time people loose sthairya and refuse to act. They are afraid of the drastic effects


2 Krishna looking at Arjuna turned himself into a wise teacher though came as a charioteer. He

assured: any man need not weep over people dying or continuing to live. (gatsunagatasunsca

nanu socanti panditah). It is so it is normal birth and death are imminent and unexceptional.

3 Rather Krishna said that it is not appropriate in him (naitat tvayi yujyaeete) to have lived a life

of glory and honour and fame .,Krishna spoke long with removing Arjuna’s diffidence though

capable and getting into dejection to fight. Then Krishna, the mentor and friend to Arjuna

started his speech which involved Yogas numbering to 17 which are chapters in the Gita. All his

speech covered advise filled in 574 stanzas with the knowledge and explanations of 16 Yogas.

He made them mainly into the divisions: Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga. All these

are points of takeoff for absolute peace namely Emancipation.


4 Bhagavad-Gita formed a part of Mahabharata which is Epic which described many crises: But

the one that Krishna had to inspire was this Sermon, a Speech at the critical hour when Arjuna

got stuck with dismay and diffidence in the war field. The teaching of Krishna is so orderly that

he answered all queries and convinced Arjuna to realize his duty as a Kshatriya. It is to accept to

War and save the Dharam and be truth. That is the war is the court of justice to a kshatriya.

The title of the yogas is worth to mention here;

Arjuna ‘vishada yoga, sankhya,karma,jnana,karmasanyasa and atma samyama yoga . All this

group gets clubbed into is all karma Yoga. The principle is do karma not looking at fruits of


Vijnana ,akshara parabrahma rajavidya rajaguhya, vibhuti, visvarupa sandarsanam . The six is

couched with the value and thoughts of and bhakti Yoga. A take-off to Jnanayoga.

Kshetyra kshetrajna vibhaga,guna traya, purushottama,daivasurasampat vibhaga, sraddhatraya

vibhaga and moksha sanyasa yoga. These six again cover Jnana yoga which is the highest

pedestal to attain birth lessness.Here agaion the teaching is that krishna is kshetra and

kshetrajna and in which case an individual is free to do action without fears of sin and hell.

5 The teaching of Krishna began due to the karpanya dosha that suppressed his nature of brave

and warring spirit. Confusion and indecisiveness became crisis in Arjuna. He remained at the

crossroads unable to make decisions. So, the need to get guidance from acarya rendering

Arjuna into a position of a sincere sishya. Actually, krishna answered all the doubts and put him

on the right track. Arjuna has only a few slokas wherein he urged doubt clearance and guidance

to be prosperous.

Some of the key points which Krishna spoke to inspire are: partha Ariuna.

jatasya dhruvo mrtyuh, karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadacana. Yogi bhava, Samatvam

yoga ucyate. Mayyarpita mano buddhih bhava. Karmani kuru and so on.


In this manner we can pick many to note that entire speech though addressed to Arjuna

stands significant any ordinary man in crisis or to manage the targeted goals. Summarily we

note that one should not demean oneself and he should realize the inert powers and

capabilities overcoming the sentiments and the influence of indiriyas and emotions. Man has

five indriyas which compete but buddhi is to be employed to adopt the correct way. Such pick is called buddhi yoga which is Sankhya yoga.

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