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What is Geeta Session at HTCI?

  • Geeta Session is an important ongoing activity at the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana.

  • It is held on every second Sunday of the month in front of Radhakrishna Sannidhi.

  • The session consists of shlokas, dhuns, Geeta Chapter summary and a discourse on Bhagvad Geeta and related topics by local and outside speakers.


  • Welcome to the GS in August

  • The speaker will elaborate on the tenets of Jainism which has been a great learning experience in past for me and many devotees

  • Please plan on attending and taking advantage of this great learning opportunity provided by our own community member.

  • Sponsoring GS is a wonderful way to celebrate life. We are good at sharing happy and sad moments together as a community. Please continue to send me information about important milestones in life to be announced.

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Sunday, August 14 2022 Program

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  • Radha Krishna abhishek will be on Janamashtami so we will skip it at our GS in August

Selected shlokas from Chapter 1 of Bhagwat Geeta will be recited by Pt Kamlesh Tiwari in Hindi. Pundit ji recited shlokas from the last chapter of Bhagwat Gita in July and we are fortunate that he will start the first chapter of Gita this month.


Six Tenets of Jainism

Topic Summary:

The speaker will talk about the Six tenets that Jain’s strive to adhere to in their day to day lives. During the talk, the speaker will show the alignment of central jain tenets with: i) teachings of lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita; ii) open-mindedness in the modern world; and iii) principles of physical sciences. Similarities between the approach of last Tirthankara, Lord Mahavira, and the path of Gyan yoga and that of a Stith-pragnya discussed by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita will become evident to the participants during the talk. The practicality of the central Jain philosophy of Anekant darshan (non-absolutism) and its application as “shyadvad” (could-be-ism) in day-to-day life will be seen during the presentation. Lastly, the scientific basis of the Jaina concept of matter (pudgal) will be shown. In all, Jainism’s approach to going beyond the cycle of birth and death will be examined.

Speaker: Sh. Paresh C Sanghani

Paresh C Sanghani is a Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company, currently. He and his family have been resident of Indianapolis for the past 24 yrs. He grew up in Mumbai and came to US for graduate study. He has lived in various parts of US before settling in Indianapolis. He has been coordinating the activities of Jain group of Central Indiana for the past several years.

Note: You may access Pictures and Videos from past Geeta Sessions here: Gallery

Please note

We have updated Covid guidelines based upon the status of cases around Indiana. Temple Covid Preparedness team has provided these guidelines to ensure safety of all our devotees and volunteers. Masks are optional and recommended.

If you plan to join us remotely, the live feed of session will be available on our Facebook page.